Yosemite, Photography, And Fitness

There are times when we live for nature photography. It helps that our country is blessed with countless wonders of the natural world. At the forefront of these wonders are our national parks. Our favorite ones are those that are worlds in themselves. Take for instance Yosemite. It is a park unlike any other, where people can go for a great number of reasons.

Image source: fsguides.com

For us, however, we’re in it for two things – the hiking and the shoot. Being in Yosemite presents a rare chance to enjoy nature, get in shape, and take pictures, all at the same time. The beauty, if you can call it that, about Yosemite is its varied trails, which are categorized according to its difficulty.

For fitness enthusiasts, the high-level trail may prove a challenge, especially if you’re hauling all the camera gear. This is why we only recommend the easy or intermediate trails for photographers. Each trail has nothing less than their own amazing views, and people will never run out of things to take shots of.

Image source: yosemite.com

From the magnificent Yosemite Falls to the mysterious Sentinel Dome, Yosemite has everything for the nature photographer. And if you’re anything like us, having to trek through the natural realm of the planet to get there is simply a blessing and motivation.

Hey there, my name’s Allen R. Hartman. I’m a retired photographer drawn to the call of the great outdoors. For more photography tips, follow me on Twitter.